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Madison Moellers - Shameless

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 Madison was recently interviewed by Brittany Frederick of StarPulse.com

Read the interview to hear about Madison’s experience with the “big goofy family” on the set of “Shameless” and her hopes for women in Hollywood.

​Ruba sat down with Shameless’s newest star, Madison Moellers, to rap about her character Molly, what her addition might mean for the Gallagher clan, and her work with some of the most influential women in Hollywood.

As Lena says, “I spoke with Madison Moellers about her role as Molly on Shameless. Madison teased that “big surprises and secrets” will be coming out.  I can’t wait.  Madison also runs her own blog where she interviews influential women of Hollywood.  This remarkable young woman also works with several charities.   It was such a pleasure to speak with Madison.”

Read the rest of the interview here.

Madison talks about Showtime’s “Shameless” and her career with Skewed and Reviewed (SKNR.net).



You’ve seen her on The Mentalist and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to name a few and now you can see Madison Moellers in a recurring role as Molly on the Showtime hit series, Shameless.

Read the rest of the interview here.

On Showtime’s hit series SHAMELESS, Mandy Milkovich gets a call that her sister Molly, (played by Madison, needs her help.  Lip and Mandy set out on a road trip to change this little girl’s life, and what follows is nothing short of scandalous.

Read Madison’s interview with MyTakeOnTV.com

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Madison Moellers joins Artists On Demand to talk about her “Shameless” and her blog Influential Women Of Hollywood.

Listen to the interview here.